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Lewana and Ken Uselton
3735 S 1100 E
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 We purchased our little Stella (pp chinese crested) from Lewana in March of 2015 and we couldn't be happier, and would most definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a puppy.  Stella was born on New Years Eve and Lewana immediately started sending us pictures of her from that time till the time we were able to pick her up.  During that entire time Lewana was always available for me to ask any questions and she has still been there for me even after we have picked up Stella. 
When we arrived to pick up Stella, Lewana and her husband Ken were very welcoming to us and introduced us to our puppies parents and siblings which was nice to see.  They were both very knowledgeable about dogs/training and you could tell they genuinely cared for these puppies. 
Stella is a wonderful specimen of the breed and has a great disposition, it was evident that she had socialized her puppies and they were very well taken care of. 
Thank you Lewana for our amazing puppy Stella
Heather Caudle

In November of 2015 we found ourselves pet less for the first time in over 40 years. Our family grew to being 4 generations under one roof in December 2015 when my 91 year old mother came to live with us. That brought us to 5. My wife and I (both retired in our mid sixties), my daughter and 8 year old grandson.
The loneliness from the absence of a companion pet triggered our search for adding another member.
We began by discussing and defining our criteria. We found the attributes, temperament
, and character of the Chinese Crested were a perfect match.
This led us to Country's Chinese Cresteds. We were blessed to personally meet Lewana, our puppy's parents, and of course "Cutie Pie"! This pup is the best dog we've ever had and is the best companion pet we could ever have gotten. She has exceeded every quality we read about the breed. We look forward to the contribution of joy she brings to our diverse 4 generation family of 5 (uh, 6).

After our son married and moved out, taking his dog with him, we realized how much we missed having a furry friend.  After much research, I felt that the Chinese Crested was the breed for me.  I surfed the web and found my way to the Country Chinese Cresteds website.  I contacted Lewana Uselton through the website and began the process to adopt a black powder puff male puppy that we named Toto.  We e-mailed back and forth several times and spoke on the phone.  
I read a lot about what to look for in a good breeder and Lewana met every character of a good breeder.  We were sent photos, were given a contract, and when we went to pick him up we were shown Toto’s mom and dad, were shown where the puppies were kept when born and where her own dogs are kept - and they were all kept right in her home.  His puppy shots were all up to date and we were given his vet record, his micro-chip information and a folder of helpful articles on how to properly care for a Chinese Crested.  She even gave us a little baggy of the food he had been eating.  Our contract was fulfilled and we have his akc papers as promised.  
Toto is such an awesome dog.  He is VERY loving!  He potty trained fairly quickly and he has been an awesome addition to our family.  I highly recommend Lewana and Country Chinese Cresteds!
Dawn Neace,
Kendallville, Indiana

 We could give you a thousand reasons
why to buy your forever puppy from
Country Chinese Cresteds.
But I would rather let our customers tell you why.

Third picture was recently added for their third pup from us.

While searching for a powder puff to help my children and hairy hairless heal, I came across Country's Chinese Cresteds site. As soon as I saw the powder puffs, I immediately sent an email. Lewana called me as soon as she received it and the story of Hachi began. We drove down to pick up a pup, two were available. My son immediately chose the hyper one and proclaimed her name to be Hachi.  A beautiful pup, full of life and strong spirit! We couldn't be happier! Lewana was very thorough and answered all my questions. I am happy to know her and to be given the privilege of giving one of her amazing cresties a forever loving home!

After losing a Papillon who suffered from Addison’s Disease for over 10 years and then a Savannah who made it to age 4-1/2 with a double heart murmur, I was able to find a wonderful puppy at Country Chinese Cresteds within driving distance.  I wanted to be sure I got a puppy with no congenital problems.  Guilin is healthy, beautiful, really smart and is the pride of her puppy training class.  I am extremely impressed with Lewana as a person, her honesty and her devotion to her dogs – and mine.  We have been back for several visits and plan to continue.  After checking out numerous sites on the net, I am so glad I found her. 
Judi LeMond, Indianapolis.

Most of my adult life, I have only owned cats. For the past few years though, I knew that I wanted a dog. This past winter, I began to research Chinese Cresteds. Based on everything I read, I knew that was the breed of dog I really wanted. 
Looking for a breeder - well, I was lost. (All of my cats came from the shelter.) The research I did lead me to many different websites - some didn't have pups, some seemed like backyard breeders, some even made me feel unworthy of their dogs. Once I came across Country's website and I knew I found my breeder. It just felt right. When I browsed available puppies, there he was. Jack. This tiny little black dog with some random white hairs had won my heart from a photo on a webpage.
I contacted Lewana to find out more info and to see what I needed to do to make him mine. We emailed several times and spoke on the phone for over two hours. She answered all my questions (some really silly ones, I'm sure) and I was even more confident in my decision to adopt from her. We made the final arrangements and Jack would be on a flight within two of weeks. That was the longest two weeks of my life. 
The day finally came to pick him up and my belly was full of butterflies. Why hasn't he come up to the cargo hold yet? What if something went wrong? What if he doesn't like me? About an hour after he landed, I finally heard something whimper from behind the cargo counter. It was him! He's here! He's safe! I raced over to see him and he looked at me like he knew I was there for him. "Hi. I'm your new mom.", was the first thing I said to him. And he seemed to understand what this meant because he started to bark and wag his tail like crazy. When they finally handed him to me and I opened his kennel, I hugged and kissed him and started to cry. "Let's go home, buddy."
Once we got home, the cats were curious about this fuzzy, barking thing in the kennel. I opened the door and he bounced out. All three cats scattered and hissed - but that lasted all of 15 minutes. They seemed to know I brought home a new friend - for them and for me. Today, they are inseparable. They love Jack as much as I do. 
Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Jack into my life - I couldn't have picked a better best friend!!
Jen, Rudy, Kiki, Peau and Jack

About five months ago me and my Boyfriend started the search for a breeder and a companion pet to add to our busy household. We are active 20 somethings and have a boxer and a terrier mix. We were looking for an on the go companion for our pets and ourselves. After speaking to Lewana I had to arrange a meeting to see her guys. About two weeks later we took the drive there and met her four legged family. I had seen Hubble online several times and thought  he was a gorgeous puppy. He was the first one we had out to play with and I had an instant attraction. Since we were there to meet not take home we set off having been settled we did want a puppy from her. Well the next day after speaking with the boyfriend and figuring things out we decided we needed to go back and get Hubble.
Less then a week later we had him coming home on the car ride home I knew we had made the perfect choice, he did amazingly for the 2 1/2 hour ride. At home he has outdone what we could have expected from him. At six months old we had concerns about him settling in and those were quickly gone. He fits in with his new family and extended family, Including our dogs and our families German shepherd and pit bull. He is tolerant and social, loving and not afraid of anything, he is also quite possibly the smartest dog we have had willing to please and picks up on this soo quickly. Lewana has done an amazing job raising him to his age and I would never go anywhere else for this breed. His new name is Remy and even less then a week in he seems like he has been here forever.

We just love our little baby, she's adorable but she does have her own cute attitude which we find hilarious.  This picture was taken over the weekend, she's here with her sister, Winnie. Winnie is a rescue dog that belongs to Tracey's mom.  Winnie and Tala get along great, they love to run the front yard which is fenced in.  We have 4 to 5 balls out there that we all play with.  Tala is part of our family and can never replace our lost ones but she can never be replaced, we love her.
Thanks for sharing her with us!
Bo & Tracey

I would like to thank Country Chinese Crested for my beautiful little Gidget!  When I had first decided I wanted a Chinese Crested I contacted several breeders I wasn't in any hurry I wanted the right dog for me, in fact I wanted to wait so I was better educated about the breed. Country Chinese Crested always kept contact with me, and when I was ready they  were wonderful to work with!   I'm a breeder myself of large dogs, and told them what I was looking for.  Was given several options but I ended up getting an adult female who just fit perfect in my family her temperament is wonderful!!!  I could not be more pleased!  As a breeder myself I have to say I truly appreciate Country Chinese Crested for going above and beyond to make sure that my new dog would be able to fit into my home and they have always been there to answer all my questions. Thank you Lewana and Kenneth once more for my new found love!

I knew when my previous Chinese Crested Powder Puff passed away, that I must continue to have a Chinese Crested in my life. These dogs are filled with so much love and spunk. I did my research and came across Country Chinese Cresteds. After going through everything on the website, I knew these owners had to be exceptional…and I was right! Lewana was very educated and was so nice throughout the process of getting a puppy. She responded quickly and sent me updated pictures and videos of the puppies I was interested in. I drove 3 hours from Southeast Michigan to greet my pup, Maggie. Once we brought her home, she was greeted by two other dogs: a Cockapoo and a Pitbull. These 3 dogs get along so well. Maggie never hesitates to show her love to both the dogs and my family. I am truly grateful for Country Chinese Cresteds, and I recommend them in a heartbeat. Also, if you have never owned a Chinese Crested, I am telling you it is time to change that!
Sid Armer
Erie, Michigan

Neal and I want to let you know how wonderful both of these puppies are.  
Remi, AKA Remus, has been an angel and part of our family from the minute we carried him into our home.  He only whined for a few minutes  after we put him to bed, the first night.  He slept in his car carrier next to our bed.  Once the lights went out, he slept through the night without a peep.  Each night after that he went straight into the carrier without a whimper until he needed to go out the next morning. That is until the following week when we brought his half sister home.
Ellie, AKA Tonks, was has been a little more needy.  She insists she needs to go out in the middle of the night.  But, given she's a bit younger than her half brother, we think she's doing very well.  Remus wakes up when Tonks whines, so now they both must go out, least one gets more attention than the other. They sleep side by side in separate carriers, watching over us and our every move,  all night.
We have a collapsible corral for them outside so they can do their business unencumbered by harnesses and leads as we stand and watch over them.  If they see or hear a neighbor or another dog when they are outside, they bark and carry on as if they were big guard dogs.  Even though these little characters are oblivious of their own size and limitations, I have no doubt they would defend us and their territory if we would just give them a chance.
Despite their misguided over confidence regarding their size and "ferocious" bark, these are the brightest little dogs either of us have ever had.  They are wonderful with our grandchildren.  When our 1 and 3yr. old grandsons have hugged them and loved on them a little too aggressively, neither of the pups have tried to defend themselves against the boys attention.  Yesterday, I caught the 3yr old pulling little Tonks across the kitchen floor by her tail.  She didn't even whimper!
These are the most tolerant little dogs I have ever known, and they are also the most affectionate.  Both prefer to be at our feet if not in our laps after the grandchildren go home for the night.  They are a bit tentative about bath time, but absolutely love the toweling off and brushing that follows. 
Today was Remus' second vet visit and he weighed 6lbs. 7oz.  Tonks visited the vet last week and weighed 2lbs. 15oz. These puppies get along wonderfully with each other. Despite the difference in size they ruff and tumble all over the house, and even play tug-o-war with each. Our vets and their staff love them, and the people at Pet Smart love them.  They are such friendly, funny, affectionate, little bundles of fluff.
As Neal and I have become asthmatics in our "golden years", we had given up the idea that we could ever have another pet.  If it hadn't been for my daughter in MD, we wouldn't have pursued having one.  She had sent me the link to your site the morning we came to visit you, along with a few links about breeds of dogs that usually don't irritate most humans with allergies. We were skeptical at first, but oddly enough, we have not experienced any ill effects on the allergy front since bringing the pups into our home.
Both Remus and Tonks are a delight, and have already brought us and our family so much love and laughter.  We are so happy that my daughter found your site. And, we are especially happy that we were able to adopt your wonderful puppies.
I will keep in touch and send you pictures and reports of their progress.  In the meantime, thank you again, Lewana! 
Kathy Dickover

When I lost my 10 year old Crested Loki I didn't think I wanted a new one any time soon, but after seeing Raven (who I inadvertently named after one of Lewana's Powder Puffs!)  I could feel in my heart that he was the one regardless of the time. I think Loki lead me to Raven to help me get over losing him!
I wanted a healthy, well adjusted, Chinese Crested with good parents. Raven is all that and more! He is the sweetest, most loving little puppy! Lewana is one of the best breeders I've ever met and I've met a lot at dog shows over the years! She breeds for the advancement of healthy Cresteds and not for her wallet! She tests for genetic problems associated with this breed. Something even many good breeders still don't always do! I met all of her healthy happy Cresteds including Raven's, dad and I wanted to take them all home with me!
Lewana took so much time to tell me about Raven and his parents and her Cresteds in general; I was so impressed! Her home was beautiful and spotless as were her dogs’ living area. Raven was friendly, outgoing and so beautiful!! I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have found him! His Powder Puff sisters where so sweet I almost took them home as well!
Luckily I brought my rescued female Crested Oreo along with me on the trip to pick up Raven. OK it was intentional bringing her because I was hoping Lewana might help us :) Oreo has always had horrible skin that I attributed to poor breeding. My vet and I as well as countless other people and all the resources I could find on the internet believed her problem was dry skin. Lewana took one look at her and said her problem was a horrible case of black heads!!! She told me how to take care of the problem and even gave me a little scrubber pad too!!! I've been working on Oreo's skin and she is already so much softer!!! All this time and all of those lotions had only been making matters worse! I like to tell myself that if Oreo was not a black Crested I would have recognized the problem but I realize I'm probably only kidding myself! I am so grateful to Lewana for Oreo's amazing improvement!
Raven is a hit at the dog park with the people and the other dogs! He got used to the dog park and meeting new dogs very fast!  He's also doing so well in his puppy obedience class! He is a very smart little guy and he gives me all his attention in class.  I already know I will be training him in Rally Obedience because I’m sure he will be great at it!!
  The first time I groomed my little love I think I was more nervous than he was!! He stood there like a seasoned veteran of years of grooming for shows… but he’s not, he’s a puppy just amazing!!! He didn't flinch or pull away; he was perfect! And I’m by no means a great groomer!
Raven is the sweetest most amazing little boy! I was in love the moment I met him! He and my Chihuahua puppy Popcorn are best friends too! They play together all the time! Then when they are tired they curl up together for a nap on my lap. But Raven always stops playing every now and then to come over and cuddle with me and get a kiss before going back to play some more! I think Raven is a little angel that's come into my life to heal my broken heart! Everyone who meets him wants to pup-knap him! I tell them to see Lewana and Country Cresteds even if they have to wait a long time for one of her babies!!! I know the pup will be worth the wait!

Lewana is a wonderful breeder of quality Chinese Cresteds. When I found Shippo (originally named Copper) on I thought he was just so handsome, I just had to find out more about him! After looking over Country Chinese Crested's website, I decided to contact Lewana and she responded immediately, answering the multitude of questions I had for her. She sent me all the paperwork showing that her dogs have been cleared for PLL, PRCD-PRA, and has the pedigrees for all her breeding stock already on her website. Lewana was more than helpful making sure Shippo was a great fit for my household, and that he was a healthy, friendly, well adjusted puppy. She made sure he was up to date on shots, checked for worms, and even had her vet check Shippo's knees before having him shipped to me. He stands wonderfully while I groom and bathe him, is eager to learn new tricks, and he almost never barks... I love it! Shippo is such a delightful addition to my family, getting along with everyone he meets and adjusting wonderfully to any situation he comes across; he's never jumpy, nippy, or afraid. I would highly recommend buying a Chinese Crested from Lewana, she is a great breeder and will help you find the perfect puppy for you. Thank you Lewana for making the experience of buying a new puppy fun and easy!
Sara Nevel and Spraynard "Shippo" Kruger :)

My husband, myself and our dog Blue (8yr old chinese crested PP) lost our 2 German shorthair pointers within 2 days of each other from splenetic cancer (they were Mom & daughter). We were so sad and missed our girls and Blue was very lonely without his sisters, so I started looking online for a Chinese crested pup. I researched for a couple of days when I ran across the website Lewana had so much info and pictures on her website it was easy to find our Mingzhu (previously Mia), we fell in love with this tiny hairy hairless! I proceeded to email Lewana, who responded the same day. We spoke on the phone for around an hour and set up our deposit and made arrangements to pick her up the next weekend. We drove from Toledo, Ohio to pick her up, Ken gave us great directions. When we walked in to their home it was very warm and welcoming, the dogs were all very well cared for, you could tell the dogs loved them and were very much loved in return. We stayed a bit and visited enabling us to see how the puppy acted, as well as her Dad (Rico) and Mom (Cherish). While there we saw another puppy a male hairless, who stole our heart as well. We bought him also, and named him Ziggy-Popz (previously Bronson, son of Spider Man & Paris). When we left the pups were kissed good bye from their other Mom & Dad, further reassuring us how much they were loved and socialized. My vet checked them out 2 days later, and said they were healthy and bright puppies. Ziggy & Ming are such great little dogs so friendly, loving and smart. My dog Blue is back to normal playing big brother to his new siblings! Lewana did such a great job with DNA testing, immunizations and socialization that it has been easy with them. They fell in love my grand kids from the start (ages 2 thru 15). Lewana has since been very helpful with tips on grooming, diet etc. We would highly recommend Country Chinese Cresteds for anyone looking for a healthy, happy, loving & well adjusted pup. Thank you Lewana & Ken for being such loving and kind breeders and for bringing Ziggy and Ming into our lives!!

Jay & Laura Rydman
Blueboy, Ziggy Popz & Mingzhu
  Toledo, OH
March 24, 2013

UPDATE: They have also added PePe to their bunch in June 2014

Country Chinese Cresteds

Lewana & Ken Uselton

3735 S 1100 E

Greentown, IN 46936