CANCH  BBPiG Gardine Echos of Eternity  "Nova"
PRCD-PRA, PRCD3, PLL, DM, Von Willebrand, CLEAR, OFA Patella Normal

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     Country Chinese Cresteds       
Ken & Lewana Uselton
3259 S State Road 39
Frankfort, IN 46041

 Last updated 7-24-19

Country Chinese Cresteds

Lewana & Ken Uselton

3259 S State Rd 39

Frankfort, In 46041


Bronze Grand Champion
Country's You Rock My World

"Sexy Bobby"
Ranked #9 in the Country "2014" and went to Westminster 2015
PRCD - Clear

BRONZE GRCH Country's I'm Just A Gigolo "Charlie"
Clear by parentage PRCD_PRA, PLL

Available to approved homes only.

Puppies will be beginning crate training and started on potty training to go outside at around 5-6 weeks old. Our pups are also FULLY vet checked and tested for ears, eyes, nose, teeth, bite, fontanelle, knee/patellas, spine/ribs, umbilical/inguinal hernias, lungs, heart, and testicles.
They will go home with their first set of shots, wormed (every 2 weeks), and a puppy packet.
Puppies will be in show cuts unless asked otherwise- this means for Puffs-face and ears shaved/taped and for Hairless bodies & faces will be shaved in show cuts with ears taped if necessary.
Available puppies

Announcing Litter due 7-26-19

​Nova and Charlie

BLRCH Tsarskaya Osoba iz Sozvezdiya Khana  "Lizka"​
​PLL, PRCD, PRCD 3, DM all Normal (clear)

Announcing Litter due 7-26-19

​Lizka and Bobby